A fine idea in a fine city. Fully automated artificial intelligence from Norwich, UK.

About Robotica Machine Learning

Robotica Machine Learning is the maker and supplier of fully-automated artificial intelligence products. We are based out of Norwich in the heart of Norfolk, UK. Robotica Machine Learning was founded by Maria Anastasi and Adrian Pickering to enable organisations to make more effective decisions, more efficiently, with confidence. We achieve this by integrating and automating best-of-breed data science tooling directly into the processes and systems of our customers.

Fully automated decision making allows organisations to do what they do, better: more consistently, more quickly, more correctly, at scale. It frees up the best people and reduces turnaround times.

At the heart of Robotica Machine Learning is a belief that business can be transparent, honest and straightforward.

Straightforward how?

It’s all about respect.

Any executive or sales representative will insist that they are customer focussed, but do they really put you at the centre of every decision? How might that manifest? With every interaction, we pursue a win-win outcome. We operate on scheduled, measurable customer success criteria - agreeing outcomes in advance. Even our cookie policy puts your needs on equal footing with ours

We respect you, we don’t track you. There are no cookies.

We don’t sell to you, we partner with you. This means that the each process is bespoke; as much yours as it is ours. We work together on shared milestones and objectives. Integrations are priced according to agreed value. We have no incentive to cut corners or to string out time and materials billing. We recognise that your needs change and we honour that as part of our commitment. (Robotica Machine Learning does not leave the success of your programme to chance)[/posts/completeness-of-vision]. We work across the entire life cycle to ensure you are supported at every step along the way.

Working with Robotica Machine Learning is designed to be the easiest choice you will make, and one you will not regret.

What about data science?

Data science is an exciting field and it is not hyperbole to say that the outputs are fundamentally transforming the way businesses operate. Far beyond robotic process automation, predictive AI empowers organisations to automate a broad range of analyses - from inventory management to fraud analysis to custom pricing. At a very high level, the workflow for this involves problem discovery and analysis, gathering and shaping data, designing and crafting computational models, putting them into production and using them. This really is not so far removed from the way computer software projects have historically been managed. Data science programmes are now fighting the same battles which are only now being won in computer science: over-running projects that don’t keep up with requirements and are seldom deployed to be exploited by end users.

Over the last twenty years, the rise of agile methodologies for frequent, iterative delivery of working product, has emerged to empower organisations and delivered ongoing value against an ever-changing landscape. The cycle time for turning ideas into software in the hands of users has been reduced from months or years to days or hours. Automated testing and deployment makes this possible. Robotica Machine Learning extends these processes into tooling to bring comparable benefits to automate machine learning. We have concentrated our efforts on understanding the reasons why many data science programmes end in the lab and engineering robust solutions to the underlying causes.

DataRobot and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

Gartner recognises DataRobot and Microsoft as visionaries in the Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms. We are proud partners, integrating these best-of-breed stacks directly into your systems and processes, extending their benefits with continuous integration, continuous delivery and human-readable, automated governance rules and fitness functions. We believe that nobody offers a more complete picture, helping you to realise your machine learning ambitions quickly, robustly and with longevity.

What is automated machine learning?

Automated machine learning has become a loaded term. Drag-and-drop applications offer improved user experience but demand substantial commitment, technical understanding and effort from data scientists and engineers. Our fully automated machine learning pipelines continue to learn and deploy, growing and improving alongside your data. We go further: rather than retraining models on new data, we automate complete redesigns of new models, unassisted, explained and governed to meet your compliance demands.

Machine learning brings its own set of challenges

See how Robotica Machine Learning can help you address the key challenges of machine learning, such as a global shortage of data scientists and the need for transparency over black-box models. Use automated end-to-end machine learning to see your data science programme deliver results in your enterprise, not just the lab.

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