Empower the People You Trust Most

Your organisation, like ours, is precious. Handing over the keys to consultants so they can take it for a diagnostic spin around the block is daunting, and so is granting them the power to install machines that will make the decisions to lead and operate your business.

Consultancies can be valuable aides in solving immediate problems and delivering their specialist expertise to benefit your company. But when they leave, how much of that value remains? Strong value is provided not in one-off solutions, but in tools that deliver ongoing benefit, growing in line with your ambitions. Your internal business stakeholders are the key to sustainable value.

Machine learning is at its best when in the hands of the people who really understand your organisation. Do not be convinced that drag-and-drop applications, let alone Jupyter Notebooks, will enable analysts and executives to harness the power of AI. These create an analysis bottleneck between the business and the technical implementators.

Only by fully integrating automated machine learning will you be able to ask, and answer, the questions that matter most to your organisation.
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