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The only constant is change

Whatever problem you are addressing, you can be sure that the solution won’t be appropriate forever. Whether changes come suddenly, or whether they accumulate gradually over time, the outcome is the same. You need a new solution.

Machine learning is a type of software solution that learns by reading historic events, looking for patterns and generating a model to incorporate those patterns into predictions. This type of AI is often much more capable than hand crafted code by programmers, or indeed any humans, could craft because the patterns are usually very subtle, intricate and indistinct.

Data drift

Some of the better machine learning solutions continue to learn after the model is created, seeking to nudge or adjust the model to fit with minor shifts in trends. As long as the model is still fundamentally sound, drifting data is combatted by remodelling.

Model drift

Should data drift too far, or should an unusual event such as a new competitor change the landscape, the original model may no longer be capable of offering a credible solution.

Robotica Machine Learning solutions go far beyond remodelling. They constantly revisit every data science choice, trying out different modelling approaches and algorithms to see if there is a better, more accurate, more efficient, more effective solution possible. Solutions evolve over time, ensuring you always have the best AI for your problems.

Transparency: black box solutions don’t fit all processes

A solution that works might not be enough. You have governance rules, auditing, regulations and other compliance considerations.

Legal, financial, strategic and ethical considerations has in the past prohibited machine learning from being viable. Robotica Machine Learning recognises this reality and addresses these very real concerns.

Model interpretability

Robotica Machine Learning solutions, applying DataRobot automated AI, includes several components that result in highly human-interpretable models:

  • Model Blueprint gives insight into the preprocessing steps that each model uses to arrive at its outcomes, helping you justify the models you build and explain them to regulatory agencies if needed.
  • Prediction Explanations show the top variables that impact the model’s outcome for each record, allowing you to explain exactly why your model came to its conclusions.
  • The Feature Fit chart compares predicted and actual values and orders them based on importance, allowing you to evaluate the fit of a model for each individual feature.
  • The Feature Effects chart exposes which features are most impactful to the model and how changes in the values of each feature affect the model’s outcomes.

Your rules

Uniquely, Robotica Machine Learning encapsulates all of the rules that are important to your process to enable automated deployment of new models. Interests of all stakeholders, including CxOs, product owners, IT and Ops, are coded to ensure that only models that are fully approved land in your production estate. The most mathematically correct models may not be ethical, or could breach non functional requirements or might not deliver on strategic goals.

Robotica Machine Learning’s governance engine applies the rules that matter to you to select the most appropriate, fully compliant solution. Reports on the performance of all potential and deployed models are, of course, automatically generated.

Automated machine learning is a trusted means to expand your data science programme, work through your backlog and give you greater confidence in the project success and modelling accuracy. Speak to Robotica Machine Learning to set up a proof of concept.
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