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In the past, uncovering deep insights from machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) required extensive programming skills and an intimate knowledge of math – experience in short supply in most enterprises. A new class of machine learning tools, however, is making it possible for your existing business analysts and business professionals to take machine learning and AI initiatives into their own hands by democratizing data science.

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Traditional software-based solutions take weeks, months or longer to deliver, dependent on teams of experts to design, build and deploy product. And as soon as that product needs to change, the development team is needed again. Fully automated machine learning can shorten the turnaround time and, even better, keep building new solutions as the problem domain changes.

Develop and deploy predictive models in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods without any prior programming knowledge

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Machine learning is a type of software solution that learns by reading historic events, looking for patterns and generating a model to incorporate those patterns into predictions. This type of AI is often much more capable than hand crafted code by programmers, or indeed any humans, could craft because the patterns are usually very subtle, intricate and indistinct.

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Freeing up your experts onto new problems, and automating delivery of predictive models across your enterprise, enables you to address a broader portfolio of issues important to the strategic goals of your enterprise.

Automated machine learning is a trusted means to expand your data science programme, work through your backlog and give you greater confidence in the project success and modelling accuracy. Speak to Robotica Machine Learning to set up a proof of concept.
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