If You Do Not Have a Data Science Programme

Fully automated machine learning empowers your people to become “citizen data scientists”, facilitating an AI-driven enterprise. In addition to providing an integrated platform to automate machine learning, we can provide you with training and customer-facing data scientists to help you realise your prediction-driven ambitions.

“Companies have to race to build AI or they will be made uncompetitive. Essentially, if your competitor is racing to build AI, they will crush you.” - Elon Musk

There is a growing divide between the machine learning “haves” and the machine learning “have-nots”. The haves use rapid, accurate predictions to reliably and robustly make market-shifting decisions and take decisive action. Those without use data to drive judgements, often supported by lengthy processes to protect from human error.

Organisations wanting to adopt predictive modelling must desire change to see the full benefits of automated machine learning: manual processes, fallible subjective governance mechanisms and highly subjective drivers make way for efficient, accurate, robust and repeatable automated machine learning pipelines, integrated into your ways of working to enhance and replace traditional practices. A pragmatic business, with an eye firmly on results, can reap a rich harvest from automated decision making and machine learning-driven actionable insights. And automation scales with your ambition.

“AI-driven companies will take $1.2 trillion from competitors by 2020.” - Forrester

According to Forbes, Citizen Data Scientists are filling the shortage of data scientists. Platforms like DataRobot are empowering stakeholders throughout the enterprise to unlock the value of data through automated machine learning and predictive modelling, leaning on the expertise in their business domains but without knowledge of programming or a PhD is statistics. A key ingredients to a positive outcome ethic in business is trust - granting autonomy to stakeholders and giving them the platform to go out and lead.

Robotica Machine Learning with DataRobot and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services can automate across the entire ML life cycle:

  • Gathering data from multiple sources
  • Cleansing data to tidy missing values and correct dirty data
  • Enrichment of fields to draw out supplementary information, such as credit score from a person’s identity
  • Feature engineering to derive more pertinent information from fields, such as age or day of the week from a date
  • Selecting the right algorithms from the hundreds available and applying it appropriately with sensible hyper-parameters
  • Row partitioning to ensure an appropriate spread of outlying or unusual values and to prevent over-fitting
  • Training models to find and learn from patterns hidden with the data
  • Tuning models to refine their efficacy to the problem domain
  • Ensembling discrete but related modelling steps into effective workflows
  • Head-to-head model competitions to determine the balance of accuracy, spread and performance
  • Detailed explanations of the predictive models for regulators and business stakeholders
  • Comprehensible insights into the reasons behind predictions
  • Bespoke deployment strategies to benefit the application of the predictive models
  • Application and API integration
  • Model monitoring and management

We can help you to…

…Provide actionable insights into your data

Transparent models and Robotica Machine Learning’s behaviour-driven, automated analysis pipeline explains the how and why of your predictive models

…Act rapidly

Shorten the pre-live life cycle from months or years to days with Robotica Machine Learning automation.

…Empower more people

Bring the benefits of data science and predictive modelling out of the lab and equip more key stakeholders with the strengths to apply automated machine learning to their domains and enable them to deliver actions on their insights.

…Learn works for your business objectives and data

The automated machine learning platform, integrated by Robotica Machine Learning, understands and can apply hundreds more predictive modelling algorithms than most of the world’s top data science teams can imagine. Further, the transparency and insights into modelling and scoring, accompanied by detailed explanations and customer-facing data scientists from DataRobot, supports expert and novice team members to constantly improve upon their abilities, delivering extra value to your data science programme.

…Protect your IP

Mitigate the consequence of brain drain by permitting the DataRobot platform to crunch through modelling approaches and deliver insights and predictive models. Secure your understand and your intellectual property in Gherkin-based automated “living documentation” from Robotica Machine Learning.

…Invest in a platform

Resource spent on automation continues to pay back each time it is used. And robots never sleep - run your automation pipeline around the clock to maximise the value on tap.

…Stay on top of your objectives

Over time, data will drift out of sync with the models and remodelling will be necessary. Depending on the problem domain, drift may take months before new models are beneficial. Or the game may move on in days. Either way, integrated, automated machine learning gives you the platform and the power to remodel and redeploy as often as you require, maintaining your competitive advantage.

Automated machine learning is a trusted means to expand your data science programme, work through your backlog and give you greater confidence in the project success and modelling accuracy. Speak to Robotica Machine Learning to set up a proof of concept.
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