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Robots Don’t Rest

Data scientists are highly prized individuals, and rightly so. They exploit a unique combination of skills in statistical mathematics, programming and business domain expertise to harness the power of your data to create machine learning models to work business objectives. But data scientists are only human and suffer the same foibles as the rest of us: they sleep, take holidays, fall ill and make mistakes. Of course, this is normal and only to be expected. Automated machine learning can work with data scientists (or even without!) to take away some of the pressures and offer ongoing benefits and scalable value to your organisation.

Robots are Robust, Available and Predictable

Computers, mostly, don’t break down and may operate at 100% 24/7, 365 days each and every year. Protected by firewalls and anti-malware, they do not fall ill and are dependable for 99+% of the time.

Robots are Reproducible

Computers work tirelessly. The do not get bored or get distracted. They are at their very best at repeating the same operations time and time again. We can have unrivalled confidence in computers that, given the same problem twice, it will give us the same answer twice.

Robots Scale

There are only so many data scientists out there and only a fraction of those could be attracted to work for your organisation. And even if you could hire as many as you need, finding and on-boarding them will take months. Elastic cloud computing means that near-infinite computational power is available on demand, and ramps down to save costs when not needed.

Robots are Fast and Efficient

Automated machine learning, integrated into the processes and systems within your organisation, can perform otherwise-manual tasks orders of magnitude quicker than could be achieved by a team of experts, and at a fraction of the cost.

Robots are Accurate

We would not conceive of performing difficult arithmetic for important problems without a calculator or spreadsheet. Cumulative, unnoticed errors are costly and entirely avoidable.

Robots Offer Opportunity

When suddenly you can work through your backlog of business objectives with actionable insights from automated machine learning, you will discover a wealth of opportunity - for the robots, for the data scientists and for the empowered organisation, to chase and deliver new opportunities that were previously unavailable, too costly or simply not feasible.

Robots Protect

If all of your predictive modelling expertise is locked up inside a few individuals, your organisation becomes vulnerable to them leaving. Their knowledge, your intellectual property, goes with them. This may shorten the effective lifespan of existing projects or even lead to the need to abort a data science programme mid-way through. Robotica Machine Learning helps you to protect your IP by encapsulating it as transparent, human-comprehensible insights generated by automated machine learning.

Robots Don’t Forget

Humans are cognitively bound. There are very real limits on what knowledge we can accumulate and retain, and on how we can apply it. This is true for robots too, but they don’t also need to retain the lyrics to Beatles tracks, how they learnt to swim or how much they enjoyed Knight Rider as a kid. They are free to focus on their domain-specific objective - your business problem - and nothing else. Where a really great data scientist may understand a dozen or so modelling approaches in detail and be able to use them, an automated machine learning solution from Robotica Machine Learning may draw from hundreds or thousands of algorithms to give the optimal results.
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