The Total Economic Impact of DataRobot

DataRobot Logo Corporate technology research leader Forrester has released their report on how DataRobot unlocks business value in the enterprise. The DataRobot artificial intelligence (AI) platform brings new machine learning capabilities and extends existing data science programmes across the entire data lifecycle. Forrester examined Total Economic Impact (TEI) and Return on Investment (ROI) and found that investments in DataRobot, which is available from around £40,000, improved product demand, lowered costs and reduced the need to hire large data science teams.

Payback in 3 months

“Forrester’s interviews with four existing customers and subsequent financial analysis found… an ROI of 514% in 3 years and payback in under 3 months”

The DataRobot enterprise AI platform demonstrated faster value delivered from the data science team, removing “grunt work” and engaged all stakeholders to speed up projects and seamlessly deploy solutions across the businesses.

Robotica is a UK-based DataRobot, offering DataRobot and bespoke machine learning solutions integrated directly into your systems, processes and products.

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