Robotica Situation

Situation presents live announcements and interuptions as sign language

Situation - Rail sign warning of approaching train

Situational-aware information, and virtual help-points in BSL and English, available directly on visitors’ phones

Situation is a highly scalable, cost-effective solution that supports visitors by presenting location-specific and service-specific information, on-demand, as written, spoken, and signed languages. Visitors simply scan a QR code, and Situation works out where they are and what is most important for them to know at that time. Extend, supplement and replace your customer help points in busy transport hubs, hospitals, museums, government buildings and retail complexes. Fulfil your responsibility to keep visitors informed of changing information, such as arrivals and departures, platform changes, and promotional offers. Context-sensitive translations, video relay, web chat and summoning in-person support may all be specified to facilitate the roll out of low cost, high-value help points. No app download is required: Situation utilises the built-in camera and web browsers apps. And no personal information collected: Situation is considerate of privacy, and compliant with data-collection regulations

Situation - Two boys in conversaton

What’s wrong with written words?

Individuals who are born and raised without hearing develop the ability to communicate using gestures, facial expressions, and body language. For them, a visual language like British Sign Language often serves as their primary or exclusive means of communication, becoming the language of their inner thoughts. In such cases, traditional written and spoken words might offer limited assistance, if any. Experience heightened engagement, gain the ability to make confident decisions, and foster inclusivity with Gazette.

Situation - Young adults using sign language

Create an inclusive environment

Our platform supports your ambition to create a fully inclusive environment, where deaf individuals, visitors with visual impairments, and those with reading difficulties feel welcomed and engaged at your venue.

Gazette for Public Venues

By utilizing Gazette, your visitors will gain the empowerment to learn about attractions and exhibits, leading to an enhanced overall experience. Moreover, Gazette goes beyond merely enhancing engagement; it diligently measures visitor interactions across various dimensions. The platform provides actionable insights that will aid you in optimizing customer experience, increasing repeat patronage, and driving improvements in efficiency, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Maintain dynamic content to keep visitors returning for more

Reinvigorate the experience and encourage continuous engagement by regularly refreshing and rewriting your digital signs as needed.

Not only does this practice make maintenance of digital signs easier, but it also proves to be less expensive, quicker, and more environmentally sustainable.

Capture your customers’ attention with an immersive blend of videos, audio, words, and social media.

Your valued customers invest in witnessing and learning about the exhibits they adore.

Information signs play a crucial role in supporting their understanding and enhancing their overall enjoyment.

While static information signs serve their purpose well, they have their limitations when it comes to engaging visitors. Many individuals prefer listening or watching videos over reading, and some might face challenges with English language proficiency.

Just like popular platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, Twitter, and Facebook, which cater to short attention spans with enticing video clips, Gazette empowers you to captivate and inform your visitors in the format they prefer for consuming content. Whether it’s through videos, audio, or other means, Gazette ensures an entertaining and informative experience for all.

Revitalize signs with captivating videos, eye-catching graphics, social media integrations, and enticing promotions.

Gazette opens up a world of possibilities for you.

Seize the opportunity to upsell by offering exhibit-specific promotions precisely when customers are most engaged and interested!

  • Delve deeper into the subject matter with added details and immersive videos and sound.
  • Cater to diverse audiences with translations and versions tailored to different reading ages.
  • Enhance visitor engagement with newsletters, VIP experiences, and animal adoption forms.
  • Encourage visitors to share their experiences with social media templates that automatically tag your zoo and the featured animals or attractions.
  • Facilitate seamless sharing of customer-generated social content directly and instantly.

Valuable Insights for Action - Derived from Real-Life Interactions

Every time a guest scans a QR code, we gather essential data points for you. This includes not only which sign captured their interest but also the duration of their engagement, the language preference, other attractions they found intriguing, and the timing of their interactions. By analyzing this data, you can create a comprehensive narrative of how visitors enjoy their experiences and utilize these actionable insights to enhance future guest visits. For instance, you might discover if customers favour cockatoos over meerkats, potentially leading to successful sales of cockatoo toys in the gift shop.

Learn about the exact time visitors spend engaging with each exhibit and what elements entice them to return. Gazette provides reliable and quantitative data collected passively, eliminating the need for self-selected visitor survey responses, ensuring you receive trustworthy insights to optimize the overall visitor experience.

Translations directly on customers’ phones

There are numerous reasons why individuals might require information accessible on their phones, catering to various needs:

  • Sign Language users, whose reading ability may be limited or non-existent due to English not being their primary language.
  • Children and adults who are still in the process of learning to read.
  • Visitors who do not speak English as their first language.
  • Individuals with dyslexia or learning difficulties that impact their reading capabilities.
  • People with impaired vision, who depend on large text and screen readers for accessibility.

Gazette presents a multitude of advantages for both you and your valued customers. The platform ensures inclusivity and equal access for Sign Language users and non-English speakers, fostering a welcoming environment for all. By enhancing the depth of engagement, Gazette contributes to generating positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations. Additionally, targeted promotions and relevant materials can be seamlessly offered to your audience. Gazette goes a step further by anonymously recording key engagement data, subjecting it to analysis, and converting it into actionable insights. These quantitative and objective measures determine both individual and group patterns of visitor behaviour, providing valuable information for decision-making.

Achieve PR Triumphs for Your Department

Being among the early adopters grants you significant opportunities for publicity success. Be empowered to excel in three critical domains:

  • Disability and Accessibility: Showcase to the world your commitment to keeping everyone fully informed and involved.
  • Global Inclusion: Generate positive and goodwill press releases, demonstrating your unwavering support for customers by providing content in their languages.
  • Environmental Awareness and Sustainability: Strengthen your Green policy by replacing printed, plastic signs with digital content, contributing to tree preservation every time you update or add information.

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